5 Things To Do Weekly To Keep Your House A Fresh And Clean Safe Haven


Finding new ways to make our living spaces better by cleaning and organizing can really bring comfort, and the feeling of security. Taking control of our homes, by accomplishing small tasks day by day, makes for a safer and more enjoyable environment amidst the uncertainty of this coronavirus outbreak and the chaotic nature it wreaks on all of us.

As our coffee tables become offices, and our kitchen tables transform into schoolrooms it’s time to show how much we appreciate having a place to retreat to. By working a little bit everyday on cleaning tasks, it’s a way to exercise control in your life. And, keep the craziness of this world out of your safe haven. Schedule out 20 minutes a day. Make the time for 20 minutes a day per person and 10 minutes a day for once in a while deep cleaning you don’t always get to. Remember, It’s not about being perfect it’s about making progress. Tasks might need to be split up. (for example: Maybe the floors need to be split up between all hard floors, and all the rugs and carpets can be cleaned on the next day.)

Here Are 5 Things To Do Weekly To Keep Your House A Fresh And Clean Safe Haven:

1. Clean the Kitchen. Wash dry and put away dishes. Wipe down counters and cabinet doors. Clean the exterior of all appliances including countertop appliances. Mop the floor. (Cleaning out your refrigerator is a good once in a while project.)

2. Clean the Bathroom. Scrub your sink, toilet exterior, tub and shower and faucets. Take time to give your fixtures some TLC. don’t forget your lights, mirrors and shower curtains or door. (A great once in a while project is to attack the grime and grout in those hard to clean areas.)

3. Dust and Vacuum Living Areas. Removing the dust from furniture and debris from our floors and rugs makes a huge difference in the comfort level of your space. Small rugs can be taken outside and hung over a clothesline and beaten with a broom or you can shake them vigorously.

4. Mop Hard Surface Floors. Bring in that fresh feeling. Mopping all floors does wonders in making a house feel fresh and clean.
Change Bed Linens. Clean your sheets and pillowcases weekly.

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