5 Things To Do When You Walk Into Your Home.

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Staying home is a strong tool against COVID-19.  We all know that it’s safer for us to shelter in place, not only for preserving our health but that of others.  Flattening the curve of the outbreak and reducing the strain on the healthcare system are solid reasons to try and do our best and comply.  Staying In Is Not Easy Though.  Especially, when there is not a foreseeable end in sight.  We are in this fight together and having a safe place to call home is something we should be thankful for and shouldn’t take for granted With that being said, welcome to our Being Home Resources Homepage:  Here you will find ways to organize, clean, and make your favorite things in your home feel fresh and new. 

5 Things To Do When You Walk Into Your Home.

1. Sanitize Your Hands: Anytime when outside the home, it’s vital to be mindful of the germs on your hands. Try not touch your face until you can wash your hands first. Keep hand sanitizer on you and sanitize when you enter your car and after essential trips to the store. Wipe down steering wheels and door handles as well.

2. Put All Items You Bring In The Home OnThe Floor: Since germs can live on surfaces like grocery store bags for long periods of time, it’s important to stay vigilant. Having a hook by the door to hang your keys and purse to avoid cross contamination is helpful. If you do put your things from the outside on your counter be sure to disinfect thoroughly.

3. Take Off Dirty Clothes And Shoes: No matter where you went or how long you left your home for, our clothes and shoes can be carriers of germs. Having a place to put your soiled clothes like a hamper or the washing machine (not on our chair or sofa) and having a clean change of clothes close by to change into is a very helpful way to stay safe.

4. Wash Hands Then Unpack Your Things: After you’ve washed your hands you can put your things away and after you are finished, clean your hands and surface areas of where you will be. And that’s it. Feel free to relax.

5. Disinfect If Need Be, Or Wash Hands Again: Practice targeted hygiene. Disinfect surface areas that might have been contaminated or are used often. In closing, when you perform these 5 Things when you come home you will be confident you did all you could to create a safe haven in your place which translates to peace of mind.

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