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As a bank or other financial institution operator in San Diego County, it is important to keep your facility cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winters. After all, employees are shown to be more productive when their workspace is at a comfortable temperature. In order to achieve this, you need a local commercial HVAC company you can rely on – you need 5 Diamond Mechanical.

As a local company based in San Diego County, we know how the seasons can get in San Diego. That is why when you work with us for your commercial HVAC needs, we will carefully assess your bank or financial institution’s needs and space in order to best determine the system for you.

Whether you need HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance, we have got you covered! Below is our guide on commercial HVAC for banks and financial institutions, what systems work best, tips for maintenance, and more!

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Banks & Financial Institutions HVAC Guide

As a bank or other financial institution operator in San Diego County, it is important to keep your facility cool and comfortable in the summer and warm in the winters. After all, employees are shown to be more productive when their workspace is a comfortable temperature.

Types of HVAC Systems for Banks & Financial Institutions

Packaged Rooftop Systems

Packaged rooftop systems could be a great option for your bank or financial institution. They are economical and adaptable to fit your space and your bank’s needs. They come pre-engineered and they contain heating and cooling capabilities in one unit. This means you only need to worry about services for one unit instead of two.

Water-Cooled Systems

If your bank is smaller and you have just a few employees, this could be a good cooling system for you. This is a good option for banks that are on the smaller side and do not have hundreds of employees. This option, however, may require you to install a cooling tower, so keep that in mind when deciding which system to use.

Central HVAC Systems

If your bank or financial institution is much larger, then central HVAC is the way to go. This option is great if your office space is large and you have quite a few employees. You can control your central HVAC system by using different zones throughout your office, but this does require zoning to be set up initially.

Regular Maintenance for Your Bank or Financial Institution’s HVAC System

In order to keep your bank or financial institution comfortable for staff and patrons all year long, you need to invest in regular maintenance of your commercial HVAC system. When you use a licensed commercial HVAC professional for your maintenance service, your service should include:

• HVAC cleaning

• Corrections to minor issues

• Tune-ups to ensure maximum efficiency

It is best to get your system checked out before every summer and winter season to make sure it will be up and running in time for the more extreme weather.

Common HVAC Problems & Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions


Hot air is blowing out of the vents in the summer.


There are a few things you should check to solve this problem. If you have tried the following and your bank’s AC is still blowing hot air, then call your local San Diego HVAC contractor.

• Check that the thermostat works.

• Replace the air filter, especially if it hasn’t been changed in a while.

• If those fail, call a professional to clean the system and check for other potential issues with your unit.


Poor Air Circulation


The first step is to check around the bank and make sure you do not have any desks, filing cabinets, paperwork, or other items blocking the air vents. If you do, move the item, and wait a little while to see if circulation improves. If not, try changing the air filter. If your bank or financial institution is still experiencing poor circulation, then it is time to call in a local HVAC expert to assess the situation.


Dysfunctional Thermostat


If your thermostat is being finicky or will not work, check the power source, and change the batteries. Sometimes the fix is that simple! Sometimes, though, it requires a professional. If you have checked the power and replaced the batteries and your thermostat still will not work, then call your local commercial HVAC pro to assess the situation and determine whether or not the system needs to be replaced.

The Cost of Commercial HVAC for Your Bank of Financial Institution

When installing a commercial HVAC system for your bank or financial institution, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The first is to remember that this system is more complex and usually larger than residential systems, so they will cost more. Also keep in mind that your system can last up to 10-20 years after your initial investment – with proper maintenance, of course.

A few other things will help to determine how much it will cost to install a commercial HVAC system in your bank.

Those include:

• The size of your building

• Your unique heating/cooling needs

• The complexity of your installation

• Whether you need ductwork installed/replaced

• The quality and efficiency of your new unit

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