SEER Upgrade Why?


SIMPLY SAID SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) = PEAK EFFICIENCY
If you take the cooling output produced in (BTU’S) divided by the energy expenditure in (WATTS) Your SEER score is what is achieved when your central air conditioning unit is operating efficiently at its best. With high energy prices becoming a huge part of the conversation, and at the same time, advancements technologically in central air conditioners have pushed the reality that being more comfortable in your home or office doesn’t have to break the bank month after month. The only regret many have of replacing their air conditioner with a higher-SEER rated system was waiting so long to do it. With higher efficiency equipment you will be very comfortable and have lower operating costs. Variables are what region you live in and how much cooling is required in the home or office. How energy efficient the insulation, ductwork, ventilation and what your comfortable thermostat setting is. (Here are some guidelines on energy saving from the Department of Energy)

Property owners in hotter parts of the country will get a bigger return on their investment in a higher-SEER model such as a 16, 17 or 18 SEER. In parts of the country where cooling bills are rarely very high, property owners might find it harder to justify purchasing a AC unit with a SEER rating higher than 20.

So there you have it. Each property owner is different in what their needs and what their comfort levels are. But, one thing we do know is the technology exists that cooling demands with a high-SEER rated system will bring you more comfort and give you a greater return on each energy dollar you spend. 5 Diamond Mechanical is available at your convenience to assist you in choosing the best system for you.

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