When programmable thermostats hit the market, Homeowners and Property Managers realized energy savings.
As Wi-Fi apps entered the picture HVAC engineers found that they could combine the best that programmable thermostats offered with the intuitive intelligence of smart technology.
Since then, smart thermostats offer the same energy savings. The technology embedded in Smart Thermostats now gives you control of your home or offices HVAC system from anywhere you can get an internet signal. Besides energy savings, you have complete control over your home or office’s comfort system. By choosing the right thermostat and apps, you will also have detailed insight into your system’s performance.

Energy Savings

Smart devices teach themselves. Once installed, the thermostat takes a few days to learn your thermal preferences and occupancy patterns.

The data you access will show you when your HVAC system runs the most. If those time periods occur when your home isn’t occupied, you can easily change the indoor temperature wherever you are to save energy and money.
Reducing the amount of work your HVAC system does also reduces the wear and tear, which lowers the cost of repairs and increases its lifetime.

Increased Comfort

Many models of smart thermostats offer remote sensors you can place in all your rooms. Most homes have one thermostat typically placed in a hallway. The temperatures throughout your home will vary considerably because their thermal loads differ from the conditions in the hall.

When you put a remote sensor in a room and it’s uncomfortable to you, you can set the thermostat to cool or heat the air to the temperature you want. Unless you have a zoned HVAC system in your home, this ability is likely to raise your energy costs, but it will increase your comfort and give you control over the thermal conditions in that particular room.

Smart Thermostats

Unlike programmable thermostats, smart devices learn your habits within a few days time, which eliminates the need to program them based on home occupancy patterns. The Nest, for example, uses a sensor that detects when your home is occupied and when it’s empty. It uses this data to establish the temperature setbacks that save energy.
Sensors on smart thermostats have simplified programming. They can tell when your home is empty, and set the temperature back automatically. Should someone come home unexpectedly, the sensor will turn the system back on.
These thermostats also give you the ability to override any settings the current home occupant has specified from anywhere. You can also find thermostats that are password protected, which gives just the people you choose permission to alter temperature settings.


Recommends Nest. A market leader. It has a user-friendly interface and is compatible with most HVAC systems.
5 Diamond Mechanical is happy to assist you in which thermostats work best for your system.
Some manufacturers offer their own smart thermostats, and the advantages to these lie in their ability to report to you how the system is operating. You’ll receive alerts about when it needs professional maintenance, if a component isn’t functioning at full capacity, or even when to change the air filter.

The benefits of a smart thermostat are many. Just like everyone else, who doesn’t want to have energy savings, convenience, control and comfort? 5 DIAMOND MECHANICAL is available at your convenience to achieve your goals for your HVAC system..

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